Zabby and Elf's Stone Soup

Working With Local Farmers Since 1997

There’s nothing like meeting with farmers to talk about what’s fresh today. It’s an inside track on the best food available, and it inspires the dishes we’ll cook today, tomorrow, and in the upcoming week.

We’ve been buying local since we opened our doors in 1997 – and we mean more than local food. Local artisans crafted everything in our restaurant, from the tables and chairs to the lunch counter, flowers, pottery, and the art displayed on the walls. We’re proud to live in creative community full of artisans that nourish us as much as we strive to nourish them.


Arethusa Collective Farm, Burlington, Vt: We’ve been working with Arethusa for more than 10 years. We’ve grown up and evolved together. Aruthusa’s organic produce is part of the mix at Stone Soup nearly every day of the year.

Lewis Creek Farm, Starksboro, Vt: We’ve worked with Lewis Creek for about five years. They have a broad range of products, great cold storage, and extend the growing season with unheated greenhouses. They deliver produce to Stone Soup year-round.

LaPlatte River Angus Farm, Shelburne, Vt: All of our beef comes from LaPlatte. We’ve worked with John and his crew for more than 10 years. He raises the cattle himself and is involved in every step of the process, from slaughtering to butchering to delivery. From beef stock to burgers, the food we make with LaPlatte beef is as good as it gets

Misty Knoll Farms, New Haven, Vt: All of our poultry comes from Misty Knoll Farm. We roast their turkey breast for our sandwiches, serve their chicken wings on Thursday and Friday, and make soup stock from the chicken bones.

Gillian Family Farm, Fletcher, Vt: This award-winning maple syrup is the “secret ingredient” in many of our recipes.

Sheffield Seitan, Lyndon, Vt: We’ve bought this unique product since 1997. Sheffield is a family business, and its owner, Leo, is a true Vermont character who makes his own deliveries every week. He even brings an extra pound of seitan and trades with us for lunch.

Elmore Roots Nursery, Wolcott, Vt: Elmore Roots makes jams out of fruits like crabapple, grape, kiwi, rhubarb and much more. We use their jams in our sweets, from breakfast to dinner.

Timothy Waite Furniture & Design, Burlington, Vt: Tim built many of the beautiful wooden features inside Stone Soup, including our front counter, hutch, and table tops.

Joe Powers Furniture & Design, Burlington, Vt: Joe built the benches in Stone Soup.

Straycat Flower Farm, Burlington, Vt: We’ve bought cut flower arrangements from Straycat since 1999. You can find them in Stone Soup from May to October. We also these beautiful flowers them when we cater events.

Open Heart Farm, Burlington, Vt: We buy seasonal heirloom tomatoes and cherry tomatoes from Open Heart Farm. They’re featured in our salad bar, our heirloom tomato salad, and at catering events throughout tomato season.

Adam’s Berry Farm, Burlington, Vt: We always feature fresh berries when they’re in season. We use them in our salad bar, prepared salads, and in our sweets.

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